Downtown: Friday Night Lights & A Bite


When the lights go down in the city.....we'll  be there to capture them. 

Check out these amazing images by AoS group member Will Chu. If you want to take a shot at making photos like these, join us for a sunset/twilight photoshoot downtown. 

From Grand Central Market, we'll stroll over towards Disney Concert Hall to catch the sunset reflecting off its metallic surfaces. There's also some nice views of City Hall as well as other downtown buildings from here. Then we'll head over to the 7th street overpass for dusk photography of the downtown buildings and streaming car lights

After we're done  shooting, we can head back to Grand Central for a beer and a burrito or whatever else grabs your fancy (there are many choices) . 

Sounds like a fun Friday night to me, what do you think?

You can see more of Will's stunning photography on Facebookand Instagram

Note: This is not an instructional session or workshop. I'm always happy to help, but our time will be limited on shoot day. If you have any questions about equipment or technique, ask in the comments beforehand. 

Date: December 1, 2017
Time: 3:45pm
Cost: Free
Location: Grand Central Market


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