Seeing 101 Presentation: WeWork Gas Tower

Thursday, April 12 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm at WeWork Gas Tower in Downtown LA.

This presentation basically answers the question. "We all recognize good pictures instantly, then why is it so hard to make them with our cameras?" I talk about how there are literally two ways of seeing and how to trick your brain into seeing the "right" way when you're making photographs. Click here for more details about the talk. 

Note: There will be someone in the building lobby to escort you to the elevators. WeWork Lobby is on the 35th floor. ID's are required to check in at WeWork facilities.

Parking: WeWork does not validate Gas Tower parking, but there are less expensive paid lots nearby. Pershing Square is 1 minute away walking distance, and the City Center is 5 minutes away.


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