I thought just narrowing the images down to a handful of finalists would be easier, but boy, was I wrong. We’ve got some real talent in our group! 

The masses have spoken and they’ve chosen this fantastic image taken by SheriBelle Karper, and I can see why! This image is wonderful, the streaming lights of traffic juxtaposed with the Getty Center standing tall and in focus is a testament to the city itself. The lights of the city also create a magnificent contrast to the dusk sky settling in LA. It’s a great example of the difference between taking a picture of something and making a photograph using the available elements. Ultimately, like all successful pictures, it just works.

Photo by Sheribelle Karper



Very Honorable Mentions go to our 2nd and 3rd place contestants, Senthil Kumar and Bob E, excellent work!


Photo by Senthil Kumar

Photo by Bob E. 


This is a talented group and there are many more amazing images on our group's Photos page . If you're not already a member and exploring LA, meeting fellow photographers, and improving your knowledge of photography sound like fun to you, Join Us! We do lots of fun and mostly free photo events in LA and greater So Cal.