I make pictures.

All kinds of pictures but mostly nature and travel pictures. I'm passionate about making images but also the creative process that produces them. I've learned some key lessons on my journey as a photographer.  Among the most important are that Seeing is a Skill and creativity is a muscle. The Photographer's Eye is something anyone can learn. 

 I also enjoy helping others grow as photographers. My favorite way of doing this is to take small groups of people to amazing places and work on both the craft and creative aspects of image making together. I call it a Whole Brain approach to photography.

You don't have to go to amazing places to learn to See, but it's more fun that way ;-). 

UPCOMING Workshops

Immersive, Creative, Off-the-Beaten-Path Photography Adventures.


Wild Mustangs of Adobe Valley


Great Bear Rainforest


The quality and quantity of photo opportunities was just beyond imagination and Ken’s dedication to making sure that we were not led down the tourist trap road was highly appreciated and paid off in spades.
— Todd E.


Art of Seeing Manifesto #1

People ask me what I mean by the Art of Seeing. Quite simply, it’s the ability to turn off language based Logic-mode thinking and momentarily exist in C-mode, where thinking happens in ideas, images, and feelings. It’s familiar territory to us all…we go there automatically when we look at pictures and we innately understand its vocabulary. That’s why everyone instantly recognizes good photographs. It’s why you knew what a good picture was long before you learned the first thing about photography. 

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