Phone It In Photowalk: Venice Beach

Date: April 1, 2017
Time: 5:00pm - 7:30pm
Cost: Free
Location: Venice, CA

Whether you shoot for team iPhone or team Android, using your smartphone camera is a great way to sharpen your creative vision. So let's ditch the DSLR's and leave the mirrorless bodies behind. Today, it's all about shooting with our phones and practicing Seeing.  

Since phone cameras make most of the technical decisions for you,  you are free to focus on the image. Which is what really counts. The key is an intentional approach. I wrote a whole blog post about it called Phone It In. Seriously. It's about why phone cameras are powerful creative tools and how to get the most out of them. Give it a look if you have a minute. You can also see a gallery of my "iPhoneography" here. 

Our route will be a repeat of last year's Worldwide Photowalk Day (check out the event photo gallery). Even if you attended that event, it will feel completely different when you're shooting only with your phone. We start by walking the Venice canals and then make our way back to the beach and down the boardwalk past muscle beach and all the shops, arts & crafts stands, basketball courts, skatepark and public art walls. After the walk, those of us that are inclined can grab dinner together in the area :-). 

I'll share some of my favorite phone 'tips and tricks' during the event. If you have apps, techniques, or other knowledge related to phone photography that you're fond of, please share with the group in the messages below. 

Note: Please be on time. Plan ahead for parking and traffic. We will leave from the Venice pier promptly at 5:00. Also make sure you have space on your phone for all those photos you're going to take. Finally, don't forget to charge your phone :)!



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