Seeing 101 Presentation: Artlife


When: Saturday, December 9th at 5:30 pm 

“There’s more to photography than f-stops and Photoshop” -Ken Lee

We all instantly recognize good photographs when we see them.  Then why is it so hard to create them with our cameras?  Come learn the answer in Ken Lee’s presentation, Seeing 101.

You’ve heard of the Photographer's Eye.  It’s the thing that lets some people create amazing photographs from scenes where others see nothing.  And as much as technology can dress up mundane pictures, it’s creative vision that’s ultimately at the core of making images with impact.  The question is whether this is a special talent you have to be born with or is it something you can acquire?  Ken knows that  fluently speaking the visual language is a skill that anyone can learn and that creativity is muscle that strengthens with exercise.  Ken calls these things the Art of Seeing and he’s made it his mission to help others understand and develop their Photographer’s Eye.  In Seeing 101, Ken shares his own ‘Aha Moment’ story when he suddenly understood the key to making good photographs, the principles behind his Whole Brain approach to learning photography, and plenty of practical tips to help you sharpen your creative vision.

 Click here for more details about the talk.   This event is free and open to the public. Arrive early, seating may be limited.


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