People ask me what I mean by the Art of Seeing. Quite simply, it’s the ability to turn off language based Logic-mode thinking and momentarily exist in C-mode, where thinking happens in ideas, images, and feelings. It’s familiar territory to us all…we go there automatically when we look at pictures and we innately understand its vocabulary. That's why...

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Download: Shifting Into C-Mode

There’s more to photography than f-stops and Photoshop. Unfortunately, most of us are left to figure out the ‘other half’ of photography on our own. That’s because most people think creativity is a talent, something that can’t be taught. They’re wrong. Creativity is a muscle and the Photographer’s Eye is a skill we can all learn. “Shifting Into C-Mode (Creative Mode) contains a dozen of my favorite exercises for sharpening your creative vision. Think of it as a workout plan for your right brain. Just like any workout plan, you still have to do the work to get the results but it’s alway helpful to have a roadmap (or Google Maps) to find the quickest route to your destination. 



The Art of Seeing the Oregon Coast

Sharpen your skills and focus your vision on this small group photography adventure. Spectacular sea stacks, living art tidepools, stoic lighthouses, windswept dunes, forest waterfalls…there are so many reasons why the Oregon coast is a magnet for photographers from around the world. We’ve selected perhaps the most scenic stretch and the perfect time of year to capture the essence of this iconic coastline. 

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Spirit Bears of the Great Bear Rainforest Photography Workshop

Spirit Bear, Ghost Bear, Kermode Bear…whatever you call this magnificent creature, opportunities to photograph one in the wild are almost as rare as the animals themselves. Only 5 lucky photographers will join us on a wildlife photography adventure of a lifetime to the remote Great Bear Rainforest of coastal British Columbia. 

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