Colors of India 2020

Our India photography workshop itinerary covers the best of the must see monuments including the incomparable Taj Mahal but we veer off the beaten path as often as possible in search of more genuine visions of Indian life, such as: the Holi Festival of Colors, the magnificent Taj Mahal, Varanasi on the Ganges, Jodhpur (aka the Blue City) and a camel safari in the Thar desert.

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Patagonia Fall Colors 2020

Explore magnificent Patagonia on both sides of the Chile-Argentina border in vehicles, on foot, and on horseback. Stunning mountain landscapes, vivid forests, wildlife, the gaucho culture, even a trek across a glacier are all part of this unique off-the-beaten-path photography adventure.

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Meet Ken Lee: Photographer & Student of the Creative Process

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I make pictures. All kinds of pictures but mostly nature and travel pictures. I'm passionate about making images but also the creative process that produces them. I've learned some key lessons on my journey as a photographer.  Among the most important are that Seeing is a Skill and Creativity is a Muscle. The Photographer's Eye is something anyone can learn.  I also enjoy helping others grow as photographers. My favorite way of doing this is to take small groups of people to amazing places and work on both the craft and creative aspects of image making together. I call it a Whole Brain approach to photography. You don't have to go to amazing places to learn to See, but it's more fun that way ;-). Read More →