This group is all about becoming better photographers by practicing, sharing and learning more about our common passion. It's also about having tons of fun! Join us as we explore the greater Los Angeles area and beyond through photowalks, gallery tours, group photoshoots, guest speakers and more.

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Download: Shifting Into C-Mode

There’s more to photography than f-stops and Photoshop. Unfortunately, most of us are left to figure out the ‘other half’ of photography on our own. That’s because most people think creativity is a talent, something that can’t be taught. They’re wrong. Creativity is a muscle and the Photographer’s Eye is a skill we can all learn. “Shifting Into C-Mode (Creative Mode) contains a dozen of my favorite exercises for sharpening your creative vision. Think of it as a workout plan for your right brain. Just like any workout plan, you still have to do the work to get the results but it’s alway helpful to have a roadmap (or Google Maps) to find the quickest route to your destination. 



The Colors of India: An Immersive Photography Adventure

Our India photography workshop itinerary covers the best of the must see monuments including the incomparable Taj Mahal but we veer off the beaten path early and often in search of more genuine visions of Indian life.  Our itinerary includes the Holi Festival of Colors, Varanasi, Delhi, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer.

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High Sierra on Horseback 2018

Get ready for 5 days of intensive photography education, inspiration and practice in the heart of the spectacular Sierra Nevada!  This is your opportunity to create your own masterpieces in the same magnificent mountains that inspired Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell and countless others. 

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