Is an Art of Seeing Adventure the best photography workshop for me? 

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What can I learn from Ken's Seeing 101 presentation?


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"I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to go beyond what you get in any 'normal' workshop." - David G., The Colors of India

"I think my Instagram, my portfolio, and my overall approach to photography are better off by far after going on this trip. I will forever cherish the time we had in India and the shots that I got there." - Todd E., The Colors of India

"The cultural experience was great, really got to feel the vibes of each place we visited" - Roy, The Colors of India

"Just a note to others that might be interested: It is a GREAT TRIP. Ken is an excellent photographer and Rock Creek really takes care of everyone. Food, Saddle Horses, Mustangs, Scenery, etc. It all comes together for an unforgettable experience." - Dale, Wild Mustangs of the Adobe Valley

“I know that people tend to ignore surveys that rate every question with 5 stars but there is no other way to describe this adventure than with five big stars. This was one of the best trips of my lifetime in so many ways, above and beyond just the photographic opportunities. Everything was perfect, almost magical. The group size was ideal, of course our guide was, as expected, phenomenal, the amount of time was spot on, the locations inspired, etc. I was not in the least bothered by the few minor inconveniences. I would recommend both Ken in general and this trip specifically with the highest confidence to anyone that inquired. Unforgettable and my portfolio is dramatically improved as a result.” - Todd E., Ladakh Himalayan Scouting Mission

“This trip was simply amazing in every aspect, from the guides, diverse experiences and endless photographic opportunities. Ladakh was my first photo tour/workshop so I cannot compare it with any other workshop, but it made me a believer in the concept. As a traveler I have enjoyed photographic different places for some time now but this is the first time I brought back some really meaningful photographs. I learned so many things that have advanced my photography skills. Additionally, I don’t think one could ask for a better group of people to travel with and share their experiences. Although each part of the trip had its special moments I think the Lamayuru Monastery was the best, making it a great last stop. Leh and Diskit come in a close second. If I had to rank the least favorite it would probably be Tso Kar Lake, not by any means a bad stop though. One of the things I enjoyed most was the diversity of photographic subjects, from the wildlife to the people, the majestic mountain passes like Khardung La to pristine Tso Kar Lake and everything in between. The trip was just an endless adventure! - Scott L., Ladakh Himalayan Scouting Mission

“Had such a good time, loved the group, the food, logistics, and adventure overall.” - Aydin G., Wild Mustangs of the Adobe Valley

“What can I say the trip was utterly fantastic…” - Dan C., Wild Mustangs of the Adobe Valley

“Excellent trip, well-planned and executed. Learned a lot and got to see an amazing part of the world few others do.” - Ted M., High Sierra on Horseback


meetup events


"This, plainly said, was one of the best, incredibly informative, information rich, engaging, confidence building and motivational workshops I have ever attended. When no one in the audience wants to take a break, you know it's good!" - Jon S.

"Informative and inspiring. Ken made exposure accessible and much more simple to understand than previous workshops I have attended." - Lisa G.

"Great meetup! Ken, you're a wonderful presenter and instructor. I finally understand the relationship between aperture, exposure, ISO, and shutter speed. I've tried YouTube and online reading to no avail. I would take classes in a heartbeat were they ever offered in L.A. So much to learn and certainly the perfect person to learn from. I will keep my eyes open for more workshops in the future." - Terry C.

"Thank you Ken for sharing your knowledge and experience, and for all the time, work, and enthusiasm that you put into it." - Clara L.

"I have learned a great deal in this meetup with its balanced blend of presentations and photographic opportunities" - Allen



Seeing 101


"Yea, that was the best photography related class I've ever listened to. Definitely most important. Ken was so great." - James

"Ken was great. The subject "Seeing 101" was very interesting and he brought up many interesting points and suggestions. Thank you Ken!" - Anonymous

"Inspiring presentation by Ken Lee. Great to see lots of attendees. Thanks!" - Leia S.

"The presentation was so worth the drive from San Diego." - Gary W.

"Excellent presentation in yet another artistically stimulating environment!" - Allen