Shooting with your smartphone's camera is a great way to exercise your creative muscles and sharpen your photographic vision. Having most of the technical decisions made for you frees you to focus on the image which, after all, is what really counts. It also removes a lot of the creative pressure of doing 'serious photography', which ironically makes you more creative. I know I feel a lot more instinctive and spontaneous when I'm shooting with my iPhone. For those pixel peepers obsessed with image quality ('IQ'), I agree we haven't reached DSLR quality in our smartphone cameras yet, but let me ask you: How many iPhone billboards have you driven under this week? Just how much 'quality' do you need? I think the key to making great images with your phone camera is taking an intentional approach when you shoot. In other words, be serious but don't take it so seriously. 

Below are examples of images I've made with my various phone cameras. I happen to be an iPhone user but Apple doesn't have a monopoly on great smartphone cameras. I have to say, though, the ever increasing quality and features of each new generation, including Portrait mode on the iPhone X, has me hooked on acquiring the latest model as soon as it is available. Well, that's my excuse, anyways ;-)!