Private Photography Classes, Private Photography Instructor

Private Photography Instruction in Los Angeles and Beyond

Could you use a little help with the fundamentals of photography? Maybe you want to work on your workflow or learn the secrets of making your images pop in post processing (Lightroom & Photoshop). Could a creativity coach be the missing link?

The Art of Seeing provides private photography lessons, for 1:1, personalized instruction for both beginners & more advanced students.

I apply two basic principles when designing your Private Instruction package:

A Whole Brain approach, meaning we address the Craft AND Creative aspects of making images. There’s more to photography than f-stops and photoshop but gear and technique are undeniably important. Let’s tackle both using a balanced approach.

Practical Solutions - I don’t know every setting and option in my camera or Lightroom and neither should you. Some things matter and some things don’t.  I can help you figure out which things need attention and why. 

Contact me for a no obligation consultation. We'll talk, and then I'll put together a custom proposal based on your individual needs.

I’ll be there to answer questions and make suggestions in real time so you make the most of every once in a lifetime opportunity! Let’s do this. 

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