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Private Photography Instruction and Tours

Could you use a little help with the fundamentals of photography? Maybe you want to work on your workflow or learn the secrets of making your images pop in post processing (Lightroom & Photoshop). Could a creativity coach be the missing link? There's no shortage of resources on the internet for learning any aspect of photography but often that’s part of the problem. Information overload, conflicting opinions, too many choices. If this feels like the meandering journey you’re currently on, customized, personalized instruction might be the shortcut to your goals. It’s not the cheapest way to fly, but if your time is more of a priority than bargain hunting, contact me for a no obligation consultation. We’ll talk, and then I’ll put together a custom proposal based on your individual needs. 

Regardless of which corners or continents of the photography world we decide to explore together, I apply two basic principles when designing your Private Instruction package:


A Whole Brain approach, meaning we address the Craft AND Creative aspects of making images. There’s more to photography than f-stops and Photoshop, but gear and technique are undeniably important. Let’s tackle both using a balanced approach.

Practical Solutions - I don’t know every setting and option in my camera or Lightroom and neither should you. Some things matter and some things don’t.  I can help you understand which things need attention and why. Save reading the 400 page manual for the nights you have trouble sleeping. 

For the Beginner - who wants  to achieve practical mastery of the nuts & bots of image making in the digital age, with the emphasis on practical. I won’t try to cram the entire contents of the internet into your head, just a sound grasp of the fundamentals and simple strategies so you can confidently tackle the most common photographic challenges. We can focus on Gear, Workflow, Software or, of course, Seeing. Or all of the above. Help me understand where you are and I will come up with a plan to get you to where you want to be. 

For the Advanced Amateur - if you’ve mastered the basics but still find something lacking in your images, let’s talk. I think I can help. I reccommend starting from Seeing 101 then moving on to specific exercises. It’s in the doing, where  knowledge becomes understanding and powerful pictures are born. Other topics I can help you with include Printing & Color Management, Portfolio Development, Advanced Post Processing techniques and more. Just ask.

Customized Photography Adventures - want to travel to far off lands and bring back more than memories? Me too! Tell me the destination and duration and I’ll handle the logistics of an epic photography focused adventure. How about horse packing into the backcountry of the High Sierra or Patagonia? Or exploring the ancient ruins, natural beauty or historic culture of your top bucket list destination.

I’ll be there to answer questions and make suggestions in real time so you make the most of every once in a lifetime opportunity! Let’s do this. 

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