Is an Art of Seeing workshop or tour the best photography workshop for me? 

What are the AoS Meetup group's events like?

What can I learn from Ken's Seeing 101 presentation? 

Don't take our word for it, see what participants from past events are saying: 




"I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to go beyond what you get in any 'normal' workshop." - David G., The Colors of India

"I think my Instagram, my portfolio, and my overall approach to photography are better off by far after going on this trip. I will forever cherish the time we had in India and the shots that I got there." - Todd E., The Colors of India

"The cultural experience was great, really got to feel the vibes of each place we visited" - Roy, The Colors of India

"Just a note to others that might be interested: It is a GREAT TRIP. Ken is an excellent photographer and Rock Creek really takes care of everyone. Food, Saddle Horses, Mustangs, Scenery, etc. It all comes together for an unforgettable experience." - Dale, Wild Mustangs of the Adobe Valley




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"This, plainly said, was one of the best, incredibly informative, information rich, engaging, confidence building and motivational workshops I have ever attended. When no one in the audience wants to take a break, you know it's good!" - Jon S.

"Informative and inspiring. Ken made exposure accessible and much more simple to understand than previous workshops I have attended." - Lisa G.

"Great meetup! Ken, you're a wonderful presenter and instructor. I finally understand the relationship between aperture, exposure, ISO, and shutter speed. I've tried YouTube and online reading to no avail. I would take classes in a heartbeat were they ever offered in L.A. So much to learn and certainly the perfect person to learn from. I will keep my eyes open for more workshops in the future." - Terry C.

"Thank you Ken for sharing your knowledge and experience, and for all the time, work, and enthusiasm that you put into it." - Clara L.

"I have learned a great deal in this meetup with its balanced blend of presentations and photographic opportunities" - Allen


Seeing 101


"Yea, that was the best photography related class I've ever listened to. Definitely most important. Ken was so great." - James

"Ken was great. The subject "Seeing 101" was very interesting and he brought up many interesting points and suggestions. Thank you Ken!" - Unknown

"Inspiring presentation by Ken Lee. Great to see lots of attendees. Thanks!" - Leia S.

"The presentation was so worth the drive from San Diego." - Gary W.

"Excellent presentation in yet another artistically stimulating environment!" - Allen