Workshops FAQ’s

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Q: How much photography experience do I need?
A: You level of photography experience is not as important as your desire to learn. Our participants span the gamut from beginners to working professionals. Everyone sees and learns differently. Some are very technically oriented, others more vision driven. The best way I've found  to handle varying levels of experience and photographic styles is to schedule lots of time for individual coaching. Whenever possible I also use lectures, demonstrations, examples and feedback to communicate key concepts.

Q: What equipment do I need?
A: The answer is different for each workshop and I provide a list of recommended gear for each workshop, either in the FAQ’s at the bottom of the workshop page or in the Welcome Packet that is sent  to registered participants. In general, I encourage people to bring the gear they already own rather than spending a lot of money on new equipment. If the focus of a workshop requires specialized equipment (telephoto lens for wildlife photography, for example) or if you just want to test out specific gear, renting is a very good option. If you are considering purchasing new equipment for a workshop, I’m happy to give my opinion/suggestions on a case by case basis. One thing i do see too often are tripods that are too light and flimsy to be of any practical use. 

Q: I’m already an expert. Can you just take me to the best locations at the best times and leave me alone?
A: Absolutely, within reason. 

Q: Workshop vs. Tour – what’s the difference?
A: I think 'Photography Workshop' is a more accurate term for our trips because it implies a learning experience, which is what all of our trips are. However, I use both terms interchangeably because people in different countries may be used to seeing one or the other. ‘Workshop' is more common in the U.S. while ‘Photo Tour’ is used more internationally.

Q: Art of Seeing Photography Adventures vs. other photo workshops/tours – what’s the difference between ?
A: In a nutshell, I focus on helping you grow both the Creative and Craft aspects of photography and itineraries that veer well off-the-beaten-pathClick this link to read more about what our workshops are like. 

Q: Do you have reviews or testimonials?
A: Yes, click here to see reviews/comments/testimonials for past workshop attendees. 

Q: Are there any hidden costs?
A: I try to make my  international trips all-inclusive. That means everything, including meals, transportation, lodging, entrance fees, guides/drivers, airport transfers is covered by the workshop fee. Things that are not typically covered include international air travel, trip insurance, gratuities and personal expenses like alcohol or souvenirs. Occasionally, there may be some expenses or optional experiences (e.g. hot air ballon or helicopter flights) that are not covered in the workshop fee. These will always be clearly listed in the At A Glance section of the workshop page. For domestic workshops, travel and lodging prior to the start of the workshop are not covered. 

Q: Should I buy trip insurance?
A: Yes, we highly encourage all participants to purchase trip insurance (on some workshops, trip insurance is mandatory). It is relatively inexpensive and widely available through many carriers. Although coverages vary between companies, I think the most important thing to look for in a trip insurance policy is to make sure it covers medical evacuation in case of accidents, illness or other medical emergencies. This is especially important if you are traveling to a developing country where standards of care may not be equal to what you might expect in your home country.