And the Winner Is...

Wow, I never thought that choosing the winner of the Venice Photowalk contest would be such a tough task. But you guys submitted so many fantastic photos here and on Instagram that picking “the best” one had me pulling my hair out...and I have precious little to spare :)! For the sake of my scalp, I think we will leave such things up to a vote in the future. 

At the end of the day, though, something kept me coming back to this amazing shot from Senthil Kumar. There are a lot of things I love about this image; shooting the bowls empty was a great idea and the beautiful light and undulating curves remind me of sand dunes. It’s also a great example of the difference between taking a picture of something and making a photograph using the available elements. Ultimately, like all successful pictures, it just works. 

Taken By: Senthil Kumar

Congratulations, Senthil! Your prize is an 11X14 mounted enlargement of your winning image. You also receive a one year KelbyOne membership and your image will be forwarded as our location’s entry into the Kelby competition for additional prizes. Good luck!

Very honorable mentions go to:

Taken By: Willie

Taken By: Ivan Boden

Taken By: Susan Liepa

Taken By: George K.

Thanks again to everyone that submitted and took part in the Photowalk! Be sure to check out our Meetup Page for future events, workshops, and contests like this!